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Joanne Mander Bsc Hons; MA; MBACP

Face to Face Relationship Counselling in Kettering

Face to Face relationship counselling sessions are for 50 minutes. These are held in private therapy rooms. Our first initial counselling session, could last a little longer than 50 minutes. This session will be an assessment, a chance to meet each other, take some background history and consider how we should work together. This could be short term (up to six weeks) or more longer term. I work in a client centred way, so will be guided by you regarding length of therapy.

Relationship Counselling Kettering

Counselling sessions will take place in a comfortable and private counselling room.


Parking is available outside the property.  Once our first appointment is agreed details can be forwarded to you.


Please ring or email me to arrange an appointment. I aim to manage appointment times to maintain anonymity and confidentiality.

Relationship Counselling Fees:

Appointments can be paid for in advance by choosing the paypal option or at the beginning of the sessions with cash.

Individuals Counselling

Individuals per session £35 - Pay with Paypal

Couples Counselling:

Couples Counselling per session £40 - Pay with Paypal

Family Counselling:

Family Counselling per session £40 - Pay with Paypal


I reserve the right to charge for cancelled appointments where less than 48 hours notice has been provided. Similarly, I will also provide 48 hours notice of any changes to our appointments. If you would like to book an appointment please contact me 01536 724199 or 07877072741 Due to the nature of this work I may be unable to answer immediately. Both numbers have a private answer phone. Please leave a contact number and your name and indicate what time is convenient for me to call you back. I will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you could email me at via the contact form. counselling room